How do I tell an employer I’m a felon?

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Once you have a criminal conviction, it can complicate many areas of your life. Employment is often an area in which you will have problems.

Employers have the legal right to check your criminal background, and many of them will do so. This makes it incredibly difficult to get a job, but there are options. The U.S. Department of Labor explains you can find employment with a felony if you approach your job search in the right way.

The top tip

The main thing to do when applying for a job is, to be honest. If an employer asks you about your criminal history, tell the truth. Do not try to hide it or deny it. If the employer does a background check, let them know up front that you have a felony on your record. It is better to do this than to leave it as a surprise when they get the report back.

A bad move

Never lie about your background on an application or in an interview. Your employer may later find out about your criminal history, which would be valid grounds upon which to fire you. If the employer asks, be honest.

Proper communication

When telling a potential employer about your criminal history, you should do it in a straightforward manner. Try to put a positive spin on it. Let your employer know what happened, how your learned from it and why it will not happen again.

Just because you have a felony does not mean you are unemployable. There are many employers who are willing to provide you the benefit of the doubt. You may have to look a little longer, but in the end, you can find an employer who appreciates your honesty and is willing to hire you.