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You are naturally concerned about legal processes and potential consequences after a DWI arrest. Yes, you need answers, as well as an attorney you can trust. Defense lawyer Alejandro Martinez in Austin is available to explain things you need to know as you get your defense underway. Bring your version of these and other questions to our attention at Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, in Austin.

Will I lose my driver’s license?

Many people accused of drunk driving have driving privileges on their mind first of all after an arrest. That’s natural, considering that driving was the context of your legal challenge. If you refused a Breathalyzer test, your driver’s license may have been suspended already. Otherwise, the police officer may have confiscated your driver’s license. Make your case before the DMV to get your license back at least while your DWI case is pending, with the help of defense attorney Alejandro Martinez. He can help you get an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing within the 15-day time limit to attempt to get your driving privileges back. He can also help you get an occupational driver’s license (ODL), which will allow you to drive a non-commercial vehicle for work, school or to perform essential household duties.

I don’t believe I had drunk enough alcohol to be impaired before a police officer determined that I was. How can I fight that accusation?

Breath, blood and urine tests sometimes give skewed results for a variety of reasons. Field sobriety tests such as the “walk and turn” have inherent reliability problems in many cases. With a thorough review of the facts, Mr. Martinez may discover a key to your defense. Remember, for adult drivers, driving alcohol and driving is not a crime. Driving while impaired is a crime. Proving your innocence is at the heart of your defense.

This was a first-time DWI arrest for me. I still can’t believe it happened. Does a first-time offender get a second chance?

Your legal position may well be stronger because of your clean record before this arrest. You may be eligible for a deal with the prosecution that can prevent a conviction. Work with former prosecutor and defense attorney Alejandro Martinez in pursuit of that second chance you believe you deserve.

Will this DWI arrest cause me to lose my auto insurance?

This is a valid concern and all the more reason to get a defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Do not wait another day. Your insurer may threaten a cancellation of your policy or raise your rates. However, you deserve a presumption of innocence even with your insurance company. Talk with an attorney about how to protect yourself from all negative consequences such as insurance problems.

My DWI arrest happened after another vehicle struck my car. The accident was not my fault. Will this fact make a difference?

After an accident, police typically examine drivers of both (or all) vehicles for potential impairment. Even though your driving was fine, you still have a legal problem after being charged with DWI as a result. However, your lawyer can use all relevant facts when making a case for you before a prosecutor, judge or jury.

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