Solid Defense For Drug Charges

Whatever your drug arrest, we will take it seriously and can tenaciously advocate on your behalf. If you are convicted — depending on the charge — you can receive prison time that remains on your criminal record for life.

It is imperative you hire an experienced lawyer who is skilled at strategic, drug crime defense. At the offices of Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, our prosecutor-turned-criminal defender can be one step ahead of the state and will strive for the most favorable results.

Aggressive Representation For “Possession”

To convict an individual of possessing a drug, the state must prove that the individual actually “possessed” the drug and that he or she “intentionally or knowingly” possessed the drug. Because the state needs to prove you had intent or knowledge, our diligent defense looks at all the ways to prove that you had neither.

For example, if an individual is in the back seat of a car and drugs are found in the pocket of the driver of the vehicle. It is highly unlikely that the State will be able to prove that the individual in the back seat actually possessed those drugs. In this same situation, the argument could also be made that the individual in the back seat did not intentionally or knowingly possess the drugs because he or she was not even aware there were drugs in the car.

The Fourth Amendment As A Defense

Another key defense against drug charges is the search and seizure law. Under the Constitution, police cannot unreasonably search your home or property. They need a warrant or a valid immediate reason (called probable cause) to search you, and without it, anything they find is dismissible in your case.

 Without probable cause, the search is considered unconstitutional and illegal. All evidence discovered in an illegal search, including the drugs, can potentially be suppressed and ruled inadmissible at trial. This would most likely lead to your case being dismissed.

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