Charged With A Criminal Offense While In College?

What college student has not taken risks or made mistakes? Whether you knowingly committed a crime or got caught up in unfortunate circumstances leading to an arrest, your legal status is critical now. Your academic status may soon be in trouble, too, if you have been accused of an offense such as:

As a former prosecutor and a former college student himself, Austin defense attorney Alejandro Martinez is well-equipped to help you find the defense tactics needed to save your good name, clean record and good standing on campus. Contact Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, today for a free initial consultation. We welcome inquiries from students and parents alike.

College Students Face Unique Vulnerabilities

No matter how an arrest comes about, a college or university student may need defending in two dimensions at once: before the courts and before the college administration authorities. Intramural athletes have much to lose if criminal charges or convictions keep them from sports and scholarships that go with them. A drug crime arrest carries special risks since, if you are convicted, you may lose eligibility for federal financial aid.

Stay out of jail and in school. Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, can help you meet your legal troubles and school complications head-on. We work with college students from UT (the University of Texas at Austin), ACC (Austin Community College), St Edward’s University, Concordia University Texas, Southwestern University and other institutions of higher learning. We work with parents, too, when students are underage or dependent on parents’ financial support.

Our Goal Is To Protect Your Future

Don’t let your legal troubles take over your life. Stay in school, out of jail and on the road toward your career objectives.

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