Attorney For First-Time Offenders In Austin

Individuals who are arrested and charged with a crime for the first time are often filled with confusion and fear. Uncertainties about their future and the criminal justice process, in general, are just some of their common concerns. It’s important to understand that being arrested for a crime does not automatically mean jail time or even a conviction. With the help of a committed defense attorney, you may be able to avoid both.

If you are a first time offender, Alejandro Martinez will do everything within his power to help you avoid a criminal conviction. Contact Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, today if you have been charged with your first offense in Travis, Williamson or Hays County. This includes the cities Austin, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, San Marcos and surrounding areas.

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Your Options As A First-Time Offender

The typical approach that the criminal justice system takes towards first-time offenders is one of rehabilitation. The general idea is to prevent first-time offender from becoming a repeat offender. The options that are usually available to most first time offenders include:

  • Intervention with the Prosecution This option involves your defense attorney meeting with the prosecution before formal charges are even filed and emphasizing that this was a one-time mistake. In some cases, this can result in the charges being dropped or reduced.
  • Pretrial intervention or diversion programs These programs are usually available to first-time offenders who have committed nonviolent misdemeanor offenses. If an individual successfully completes the program, his or her charges can be dismissed.
  • Specialty courts This option allows individuals who fit under certain specific criteria to have their case heard in a specialty court. These courts will generally sentence the individual to rehabilitative punishments such as community service, counseling, and drug or alcohol education courses, instead of jail.
  • Plea bargain This option involves an individual choosing to plead guilty or no contest to the charges against him or her. In exchange, the prosecution can recommend reduced penalties such as community supervision, probation and recovery programs that don’t involve jail time.

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It is not guaranteed that these options will be granted to all first-time offenders. To give yourself the best chance of avoiding jail time and a conviction, contact Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, today.