Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Crime Cases

You deserve answers to your questions just as much as you deserve protection of your constitutional rights when charged with a drug crime. If you face legal troubles having to do with drug crime allegations, turn to an experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney. Alejandro Martinez in Austin is a former prosecutor with broad knowledge of criminal charges and effective defense strategies.

At your initial consultation at Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, you can expect clear direction and honest answers to questions like these about your drug crime case.

I have never been charged with a drug crime before. Will that make a difference in my case?

First-time offenders often have opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to staying out of trouble in the future. Your case may go through a special drug court instead of a regular court. If you successfully meet the terms of your probation, your drug crime charges may be resolved with no criminal record, which is an ideal outcome.

In fact, I have a drug dependency problem after being on painkillers in connection with surgery. Will that make a difference in my case?

If you can prove to a prosecutor that you know you need drug dependency treatment and have taken steps to get that treatment started, you may have a strong case for lenient penalties. A skilled defense lawyer can bring compelling arguments designed to give you the opportunity to get treatment instead of being subjected to penalties like jail time.

When I was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana, it was because I was on my way back from Colorado, where pot is legal. Remnants of marijuana were in my car and a police officer detected that when he stopped me for speeding. Do the different laws between Colorado and Texas make a difference in my case in Texas?

Unfortunately, you are subject to Texas laws when you are in Texas, even when in a car returning from Colorado. However, be sure to bring up all relevant facts like this when you discuss your defense strategies with your attorney. A trusting relationship with your lawyer is important.

I’m a college student. Nearly every other student on I know on campus uses marijuana or other banned substances from time to time. Will this argument influence my criminal case?

“Everyone does it” never has been and never will be a strong defense in the face of criminal charges. However, an attorney who often represents students from your college or university and often appears before the same prosecutors and judges will know what arguments are likely to help you get a good outcome. At Law Office of Alejandro Martinez, PLLC, in Austin, you will find that kind of defense lawyer. Mr. Martinez is ready to be your strong advocate.

I have other questions. Where can I find answers?

The fastest way to get the answers that you need for your particular concerns is to consult with a defense attorney who can evaluate your unique situation and make recommendations accordingly. To schedule a consultation with defense attorney Alejandro Martinez, call 512-523-5927 or email the firm through this website.