A student charged with DUI faces disciplinary action and more

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Your young college student may have enjoyed no more than a couple of beers with friends before getting into his car for the drive back to campus on Saturday night. Then the police pulled him over.

In addition to the criminal DUI charges, he faces a disciplinary hearing at the college. Fortunately, experienced representation is available to him for both matters.

Effects of alcohol

Most of the DUI crimes in the state of Texas relate to the driver’s blood alcohol content or BAC level while operating a vehicle. If your son is under the age of 21, it is illegal for him to have any amount of alcohol in his system when driving. He may not understand that the effects of alcohol depend on body weight, gender and the number of drinks a person consumes. For example, with a BAC of .05%, a driver will have difficulty steering the car and a reduction in response time should an emergency arise. With a BAC of only .02%, the driver will have trouble tracking a moving target and will experience issues in the ability to perform two tasks simultaneously.

University discipline

A university has rules that allow hearings if a student engages in incidents either on or off campus that result in civil or criminal proceedings. The school can discipline the student for such actions, deciding anything from a warning to expulsion.

A look toward the future

A DUI on his record could have detrimental consequences for your son’s future, including the career for which his education is preparing him. However, with legal guidance and a defense built for both the court and the university proceedings, your young college student can expect the best outcome possible for his case.