What to know about drug diversion courts

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When people face drug charges, they may sometimes be able to participate in a drug court. There are many advantages to working with these courts instead of a traditional court.

According to Travis County Community Justice Services, drug diversion courts help defendants who have a history of drug charges. People learn how to change their behavior through drug treatment. People usually work with a judge and other professionals who oversee their case.

Determining eligibility

People have to meet certain requirements to participate in a drug diversion court. Travis County Community Justice Services says that people have to face felony drug charges. Additionally, a professional usually reviews the defendant’s criminal record. This person also performs an assessment of each candidate to see if they will be a good fit for the program. Eligible candidates have to appear in court, where a judge formally accepts their case.

Some defendants may want to participate in a drug court but fail to meet the eligibility guidelines. In this situation, people can usually reach out to the District Attorney’s office and ask for a reconsideration.

Completing the program

There are several steps to a drug diversion program. People attend drug treatment classes to learn how they can build healthier habits and change the behavior that results in drug charges. People may take these classes on either an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Additionally, people appear in court each time they complete a stage of the program. They also work with a case manager who helps make sure that people follow all the guidelines of the program. This case manager also helps people to strengthen the skills they learn in their treatment program.

Successful completion of a drug diversion court can have a deep impact on people’s lives. Many defendants may be able to become productive members of their community. Additionally, many judges may dismiss the drug charges.