What are common DUI defense strategies?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

You received a DUI recently while navigating Texas’s roads. You consented to taking a breath test, but you want to fight against the resulting charge. Where should you start? 

American Addiction Centers offers DUI defense strategies. Determine if you have a solid foundation for arguing against your charges and their resulting ramifications. 

The officer did not have grounds to stop you

Police officers must adhere to a legal procedure before pulling a driver over for suspicion of drunk driving and when detaining a person for intoxicated driving. If the arresting officer did not give you a reason for pulling you over, you could use that omission to build a case. 

You were not legally drunk

You may have a health condition or take a medication that makes you operate a vehicle like an intoxicated driver. Or, maybe you feel your blood alcohol levels changed in the time it took for the officer to pull you over, administer field sobriety tests and arrest you. An experienced professional, such as a doctor or pharmacist, may have the resources and knowledge to help you explore this strategy. 

The officer’s evidence does not hold up

The law enforcement officer who arrested you may have camera footage of you operating your vehicle moments before you pulled over. If so, the footage may not show concrete proof of your intoxication or the officer’s grounds for pulling you over. Someone who witnessed the officer forcing you over onto the side of the road, testing you and arresting you may provide a testimony that casts doubt on the reason for your arrest.