Landing a good job after a conviction

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

One of the big steps a person must face after experiencing a criminal conviction is finding a new job. Solid employment may support a person’s efforts to move forward in his or her life in a positive way.

However, a person may feel concerned that a potential employer would be hesitant to hire a candidate with a criminal past. There are steps a job seeker can do to overcome this hurdle.

Emphasize skills and experience

As explained by Glassdoor, when looking for a job, an applicant can put the emphasis on his or her experience, education and skills so discussions center around the general fit for the job and the company. This approach also builds rapport with the hiring manager or team and allows the process to move forward based on the facts that matter the most.

Background check preparation

If a job candidate successfully reaches the point in the recruiting process where the employer wishes to conduct a background check, a discussion about the criminal record may be necessary. Monster indicates it is better for a job seeker to voluntarily disclose past indiscretions rather than allowing them to be discovered via a background check.

All conversations regarding a criminal conviction should highlight how the applicant’s life has changed for the better since the conviction. Instead of getting bogged down in details about an arrest or time in jail, the candidate should provide details about their current life that show the employer a strong commitment to avoiding any further issues that may conflict with the ability to perform the job being applied for.