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What diversion programs does Travis County offer?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Diversion programs allow you to bypass the traditional court system and potentially avoid a criminal conviction. Every diversion program has requirements you must meet to qualify for and to complete it.

According to the Travis County website, the courts offer several diversion programs in an effort to combat mass incarceration and discrimination issues within the system.

Mental Health

The mental health program provides treatment options if you suffer from a mental health issue that may affect your ability to make decisions or that otherwise leads to your involvement in criminal activity. It seeks to treat your condition so that you can avoid going to jail and reenter society successfully.

Drug programs

The county offers several programs if you face drug charges. Typically, these aim to help you if you are a first-time offender. They include treatment and other programs to help you avoid reoffending and allow you to avoid conviction.

Felony diversion

The county also offers a felony diversion program for adults and minors. This is only for first-time offenders or special cases approved by the program administrator. It allows for the dismissal of charges against you if you meet specific requirements, such as community service and counseling.


The county has a special court for veterans who have a mental or physical injury due to their time in service. It acts as a support system and has requirements you must meet to complete it and have the court dismiss your charges.


The DWI court helps treat abuse and reduce felony DWI charges. You cannot have more than two misdemeanor DWI charges to be a part of this program.