How do colleges handle student DWI convictions?

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Texas college students like you are not immune from getting into trouble with the law. You may face first time offenses. But a first time offense does not mean you will “get off light”.

Today, we will look at first time DWI convictions. In specific, we will see how these convictions impact your future as a college student. We will examine how colleges often deal with students who have DWIs.

Colleges cut financial support in response to DWIs

The College Investor discusses how DWI convictions impact the lives of students. You will not suffer a direct consequence in some cases. It is not usual for a college to expel students even for DWI crimes. But this does not mean they sit by and take no action at all.

One of the most common tactics a college uses is pulling financial support. Attending college is very expensive. You may rely on scholarships, grants and other sources of aid to get through. If a college provides you with a source of aid, they may rescind it. This may force you into dropping out on your own due to prohibitive costs.

Being banned from college housing

Colleges also often ban students with DWIs from using on-campus housing. This means you must find housing elsewhere, which is often more expensive. Not only that, but you will have to find a way onto campus. This creates some difficulties if you have a suspended license.

They may also limit your access to certain services or events. For example, they may bar you from taking advantage of any licensing courses. They may also re-examine your suitability for programs in education. This may change the entire trajectory of your career and is not something to take lightly.