What happens during the arrest process?

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The Process of an Arrest

If you are facing a first-time arrest, it can be quite intimidating. Not knowing what will happen only increases your nervousness and tension. While not every arrest situation goes the exact same way, there is a general pattern to what happens when law enforcement places you under arrest. 

Kimmelman-Shuman Bail Bonds explains that an officer will begin the arrest process usually out in public. He or she will explain why you are under arrest and read you your Miranda rights. The officer will handcuff you and place you into a cruiser. From here, the officer will transport you to the jail. 

At the jail 

When you reach the jail, you will provide your fingerprints, and someone will take your photo. You will typically stay in a holding cell until your bail hearing. This is a cell where you may be alone or only with a few other people. It depends on the charges for which you were put under arrest. 

Bail hearing 

The bail hearing is when the judge will issue you bail to get out of jail. If you can pay the bail or arrange the payment of the bail, then you can get out of jail. However, you will be out on bail, which means there will be conditions you must follow. The most important is returning for your next court hearing. 

If you do not make bail, you will return to the jail and likely go into the general population. You will get a jail uniform to wear and an officer will take the clothing that you came in wearing.