Could learning to control your anger help you avoid assault charges?

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While you may be well-aware that you have problems restraining your anger, you may not know how to get a handle on it. Without taking action, there is a chance that your emotions could see you hit with an avoidable assault charge.

To help, see what the American Psychological Association says about getting a handle on your anger. Your friends, family, significant other and the person in the mirror are sure to appreciate your efforts.

Understanding anger 

One of the first things that you should know is that feeling angry is normal. In fact, it is an adaptive, natural response to threatening stimuli. Issues crop up when anger turns into a force of destruction because you cannot control how you choose to express your anger.

Sources of anger 

So, why is it that you have more trouble than others when it comes to reining in your anger? It may be that you are easier and quicker to anger than other people, or you may be more susceptible to inconvenience and aggravation. There also exists evidence that extreme anger and irritability can be genetic. Childhood also plays a part in how quick individuals are to anger.

Managing anger 

What can you do when you feel yourself growing angry and about to lash out? Engaging in deep breathing exercises can help you cool off. Before blowing up at someone or a situation, train yourself to pause and ask yourself just how serious the issue is. It may very well be your mindset that presents the greatest source of annoyance, not a specific person or circumstance. Focusing more on solutions and less on being angry is also a better use of your time and energy.

Do not let your anger make you end up behind bars. Before raising your voice or your hand in anger, learn how to raise your understanding.