Hunt County man exonerated in mass shooting

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The American criminal justice system is based upon the premise that those who are accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, despite efforts to convey that message, people who are arrested often discover that most are quick to assign guilt to them based on the fact that they were detained at all. Thus, an arrest and criminal accusation can cause irreparable damage to one’s reputation in Austin, impacting their relationships with others and even their ability to support themselves.

These are the fears that a Hunt County man is currently facing even after having been released and exonerated of the charge of capital murder. The man was at a college party when a mass shooting occurred that left two people dead and 12 more injured. A confidential informant led authorities to the man, despite his assertion that he was in his car Facetiming with another person (a fact he said many others could confirm). Ultimately, officials discovered evidence that contradicted their notion that he was the shooter. Still, he had to spend several days in jail contemplating the potential of facing capital murder charges. He also must now deal with the concern that his livelihood may be significantly impacted not only due to his association with the crime, but also the fact that he was taken into custody in the auto dealership where he worked.

It is understood that authorities are under pressure to solve crimes, yet that pressure should never be so great that it leads them to potentially destroy the lives of innocent people through unwarranted arrests. Those who become victims to such a rush to judgment may want to secure the services of an experienced attorney to help fight on their behalf.